Wednesday, 16 May 2018

When it comes to selecting a school for your child, parents are faced with a plethora of options these days. It is no longer only about the quality of education and other services that schools have to offer, but also about the curriculum they follow.

Your child needs a school that inculcates in him strong interpersonal values, promotes opinion formation and encourages healthy relationship building. All this, while ensuring that the education he gets helps him excel in his personal and professional life, no matter what part of the world he is in.
For generations now, CBSE and ICSE education has been considered the best in class. But with the introduction of IB schools in India, the scenario has changed dramatically. People are increasingly realising the benefits of opting for IB over anything else.

Edify International School is one such school with IB curriculum providing best international education bringing out the best in students and developing successful learners through a skills-based approach to teaching and assessing.

What is International Baccalaureate?

IB or International Baccalaureate is an international curriculum which involves more practical and application-based education. IB examinations test students’ knowledge, not their memory neither their speed, because it teaches how to learn rather than what to learn. Moreover, it has a broader spectrum of subjects which lead to all-round development of a child. There are no prescribed textbooks as the children can choose their own books. With high-quality international education programmes, the IB aims at producing global citizens.

The IB system offers programmes for three different age groups: 

  • Primary Year Programme (PYP) that is meant for the younger lot up to the fifth grade.
  • Middle Year Programme (MYP) for students between 11 to 16 years of age.
  • Diploma Programme (DP) for the 16 to 19 years age bracket.

As the stages advance, the content matures, teaching and learning methods become more refined and assessment becomes more rigorous. Yet the underlying principles of learning through inquiry and experience along with research remain constant.

Why IB world school for your child?

Here are 3 primary reasons that make IB education the best that you can give your child:

1. Application based education
One of the biggest advantages of IB education is that things you are taught are at par with the industrial demand and hence, easy to apply to your work life. IB encourages students to learn, analyze and understand what they are being taught instead of mugging up from a prescribed textbook.

2. Study subjects according to your interests
Unlike any other education system in India, IB curriculum exposes students to a vast variety of subject, giving them the choice of selecting whatever that interests them. Unlike traditional Science, Commerce and Arts where students can study only particular prescribed subjects, IB gives students the option to mix and match subject according to their interest.

3. A globally renowned curriculum
If you plan to move overseas in the future or have that American dream for your child, IB must be your obvious choice. Students with an IB Diploma have a higher acceptance rate at
universities abroad. Also, its simpler for IB graduates to find professional opportunities around the world.

Edify International School is located at Pune’s premium IT hub. With 14 years of experience and expertise, Edify school has over 25 schools across Asia. Abiding by the IB and CAIE curriculum standards, Edify education aims to provide the finest quality education that will evolve in sync with global changes in education, science, commerce and arts.

We believe that involvement of students in learning is one of the most important parts of education. It not only helps them experience it in real life but also to remember the experience for a lifetime.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

We are living in a time of unprecedented travel, with technological advances and globalization offering more and more people the opportunity to explore and live in cultures that are not their own. International schools have been established and are rapidly growing in popularity, offering easier access to higher education around the world. As a consequence, the number of children learning in a language other than their mother tongue is growing rapidly.
Research indicates that having a strong mother tongue foundation leads to better understanding of curriculum as well as a positive attitude towards learning. Hence, it is vital that children maintain their first language when they begin schooling in a different one.

Early Language Development

Young children learn language rapidly and effortlessly. The transition from babbling at 6 months of age to full sentences by the age of 3 occurs briskly, following a consistent developmental path regardless of culture. Before the end of the first-year children learn from experience and develop a language-specific phonetic capacity and detect native-language word forms, learning implicitly and informally. 

Development of Mother Tongue

Early language exposure plays an important role in shaping the young brain. A recent study discovered that babies only a few hours old can differentiate sounds between their native language and a foreign language. They found that during the last 10 weeks in the uterus, babies listen to their mothers talk, learning how to identify speech patterns of their mother’s native tongue even before they are born. Learning to produce the sounds that characterize infants as speakers of their ‘mother tongue’ is equally challenging and is not completely mastered until the age of 8. The speaking patterns we adopt early in life go with us a long way. 

Benefits of Mother Tongue

Mother tongue refers to a child’s first language, the language learned at home from elders. Mother Tongue has a very important role in framing our thoughts and emotions. According to studies, a child’s ability to learn an additional language greatly improves if their first language skills are well developed. Research shows that children who have a strong foundation in their home language are more successful at school and enjoy a greater feeling of self-worth and identity. 

Multilingual Education

Bilingual and multilingual education should be encouraged by imparting early education in the child’s first language or in the language that they speak at home. The IB supports and advocates the importance of learning inmother tongue. As the IBO states, gaining and maintaining proficiency in one’s mother tongue helps in the learningother languages. It also provides students with a deeper understanding of inter-cultural awareness. As proficiency in one’s mother tongue is an indicator for later academic success, students should begin studying their mother tongue as soon as possible based on each individual case. (IBO)

We at Edify believe that it is vital that all students have the opportunity to maintain and develop their mother-tongue. We acknowledge that fluencyin one’s mother-tongue is crucial for both cognitive development and maintaining cultural identity. We recognize the importance of strengthening our students’ home languages, while at the same time learning the school’s medium of instruction in English. 

How Can Parents Help?

  • When at home, communicate with children only in your mother tongue 
  • Promote knowledge and interest by reading out from books or telling stories in your mother tongue
  • Encourage your child to read books in your mother tongue
These steps will help children retain a positive attitude toward their mother tongue and cultural background resulting in increased self-esteem.

Ketaki Joshi
I would be glad to address any queries which you may have. You may connect with me on +91 77419-30000 to set up a meeting. I am available to all the parents, every Wednesday at Edify International School, Pune

For most kids, summer vacation is a long-awaited break when they can finally kick back, sleep in and watch endless amounts of television. However, the “dream” summer vacation may actually seem boring after the first week. Unfortunately, research shows how students’ learning trajectories often start to slide during summer vacation - a phenomenon commonly referred as “summer learning loss.”
To help prevent the “summer slide,” parents can choose from an array of local summer camps and activities to keep their children engaged and active. Whether your child is interested in theatre or music, sports or sciences, each activity has a broader impact on their development and learning abilities.

Come, visit Hobbyland!

Edify International School presents a summer camp named HOBBYLAND for age group of 6-16 years. It features various activities like Martial Arts, Clay Molding, Music, Yoga, Art & Craft, Dance, Painting, Drama & more. Carefully selected role models will teach your child how to have fun, learn from other, and make friends in person rather than online.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Batch I: from May 1 to May 15 
  • Batch II: from May 16 to May 31 
  • Batch III: Full month batch from May 1 to May 31
The batches will be from 9:30 A.M to 4:30 P.M, Monday to Friday
We also have exclusive family batches on weekends and special fun-filled batches for age group of 3-5 years old. 

It is not easy for parents to make the decision of sending their child away into waiting arms of complete strangers who promise to take care of them – people who promise to show them the wonders of nature, fun, new skills, and friendships. 
Hence, from all of us at Edify, we assure you that your child is in worthy hands. All the staff members, alumni campers, and volunteers at Hobbyland are trained and experienced in such a way that they will not only make the camp an unforgettable event for your kids but also consider your child’s safety and well-being their first priority.

There is so much competition for our children’s time in summer – sports practices, summer school, well-deserved vacations. But let’s not forget the value of a camp experience – camp is a gift we can give our children that they will benefit from and remember forever.  

Or call: 
77419-50000 | 77418-50000 | 75583-09133

Sunday, 22 April 2018

It’s the season of school admissions!

Nearly 226 million Indian children are enrolled in schools – 90 million of these children are attending 75,000 private schools across the country.
For most parents, a choice of top school for their children is driven by perception, word of mouth, and infrastructure provided by the school. Most of these are shallow criteria, considering how important this decision is.

It’s not enough if the school has a great building, play areas, air-conditioned classrooms, activity labs and computers or tablets. There is more to learning than just infrastructure and facilities.

Here is a list of questions you need to ask as you consider choosing the best school for your kids:

1. How future ready is the school?

Your child will probably be in this school for over a decade. It is necessary to know how the school is prepared for future than focusing on its past pedigree.

2. Does learning happen outside a classroom and the textbooks?

In today’s world and era, it is imperative that education must not be limited to just one board or inside four walls. It would be a very sad commentary on the school if learning were confined to reciting lessons from textbooks and answering questions from the lessons. Making real world connections to what children learn inside the classrooms are becoming very important.

3. How skilled are the educators?

With education techniques being revolutionized, it is crucial that educators at the school are updated and abreast about the latest methods of teaching and learning. Also, they must be skilled enough to create a learning environment where kids are comfortable and productive.

4. Will your child get access to latest technology?

With world moving towards AI and Space Study, it has become extremely important to expose kids to developing technology from a tender age. Learning about new and innovative inventions as well as getting hands on experience on some latest devices will certainly be a big differentiator for life in the 21st century.

5. Is proper preference given to extra and co-curricular activities?

Excellence in academics is just one of the pillars of your child’s development. Participation in various cultural and co-curricular activities helps your child inculcate qualities such as leadership, team-spirit and self-confidence.

6. Does the infrastructure provide a safe and learning environment?

Student safety must be the top priority of any school. Ensure whether the school infrastructure is developed and maintained so as to cater to various safety measures for the children. Also, the school should provide a healthy and positive atmosphere wherein students can learn to their hearts content and have a sense of belonging.

Edify International School is one such school that will provide you with satisfactory answers for all your queries. With world renowned IB and CAIE standard curriculum, Edify education has over 14 years of proven experience and expertise and has over 25 schools across Asia.

Edify school aims to achieve overall personality development of young learners, with an all-inclusive education system that encompasses academics, sports, clubs, arts and culture, education tours and hobby development.

Today, just good education is not good enough. Discover a whole new way of learning at Edify International School, an IB world school now in Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra.

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

An international school is more than just a setting with diverse group of students and teachers. It requires embracing varied languages and cultures, identifying the best educational practices from around the world, and providing a strong educational base to ensure that the students are able to adapt and thrive in any learning program around the world. A truly international school is one where global mindedness is at the heart of every decision, action and interaction between the members of the community.

Edify International school is an example of just such a school, benefiting students not only during their time here, but also well into their futures.

With 14 years of proven experience and expertise, the initiative has over 25 schools across Asia, abiding by world renowned International Board (IB) and CAIE standards. The International Board programmes challenges students to develop approaches to learning skills and take responsibility for their own learning, understanding how knowledge itself is constructed.
Our curriculum helps students to:
  • Ask challenging questions
  • Think critically
  • Develop research skills proven to help them in higher education

International Board is the most challenging educational board. Naturally it requires passionate, informed educators to cater to its high standards. Teachers at Edify are well-versed with the curriculum, who appreciate the academic breadth of IB as well as the idea that learning is way beyond the classroom walls and a textbook. Our educators encourage learners to think independently, instigate social and academic growth and look at learning through a much bigger lens than a multiple-choice test or standardised exams.

With ample other activities beyond academics, innovative programs, education tours, extensive use of modern technology for and by the students, a wide range of clubs and committees which your children can enroll themselves in, Edify International School provides a rather holistic pathway for young learners to not only excel in their studies but also in their overall personality development, further encouraging them to be internationally-minded within a complex, hyper-connected world.

Plus, the joy on your child’s face when they openly discuss what they learnt each day at school, with enthusiasm and confidence; isn’t this what we as parents and educators desire for our kids? To see our children not only excited about their future but also being really passionate about what they are doing? To see them become independent thinkers who are confident about embracing a future that offers so many possible trajectories for them?

Edify International School, through the IB and other activities, aims to provide your child with a strong foundation, which will set them on a path to embrace life with enthusiasm, curiosity and confidence, for a successful future.

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Thursday, 29 March 2018

The promise that each generation will be better off than the last is the fundamental tenet of the modern society. Further, thanks to the advancement in technology, today we are living in a ‘global village’ which demands a lot more than the traditional education system to survive its regularly changing aspects. When we talk about education and what it means, what we really want to know is how to instill in our students the knowledge that will make them better learners and better people.
With an aim to prepare our students for the bumpy ride called life and ensure that they stand out at world level, Edify International School has now come to Pune! With 14 years of proven experience in the educational field, Edify School (IB curriculum) with 1,20,000 sq.ft of Global standard infrastructure commences in Hinjewadi, Pune.

Why Edify?

Edify International School is affiliated to International Baccalaureate. The IB prepares students to succeed in a world where facts and fiction merge in the news, and where asking the right question is a crucial skill that will allow them to flourish long after they’ve completed the programme. With access to international education, increased importance to arts and culture and choice of subjects based on individual needs and interest, the school certainly aims to raise the bar of educational techniques to a new high.
Today, Edify International School Brand (IB curriculum) has over 25 operational schools across pan Asia with more than 16000 students. Located at Hinjewadi, Pune’s premium IT hub, Edify School commences this year in August 2018.


School infrastructure is a key base for effective teaching and learning in schools. All Edify schools comprise of a safe, clean and positive environment for students to exercise their love for learning and think out of the box.

Other activities.

From strengthening the mind to promoting better time management skills, extracurricular activities help students succeed in much more than just their academic endeavors. That being said, we provide a wide range of innovative programs such as Value education, Sports, Fine arts, Clubs and Committees, to inculcate good values and leadership abilities in our learners from a tender age. In addition to that, all Edify International Schools facilitate use of technology for students, inculcating technical understanding from an early stage.

Additional facilities

  1. All Edify schools provide transport service with temperature control facility and a teacher travelling along with students.
  2. Children are provided with nutritional and balanced meals every day.
  3. Edify school is equipped with latest and advanced materials in fully functional labs which enable students to get a hands-on experience for various scientific concepts and theories.
  4. Edify school has a well-equipped healthcare center with qualified doctors and nurse and a 24-hour ambulance service to cater to any emergencies.

Join hands with Edify Education and be a part of our revolutionary approach to mold your children into internationally minded individuals, who recognising their common humanity and guardianship of the planet, help create a better and more peaceful world.

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